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Hi, I'm Mrs. Grossenbacher

Hi, I'm Mrs. Grossenbacher. I've been teaching at Sheldon for 13 years now, and I have been an English teacher for 26 years. I'm always happy to meet new classes and to embark on our journey together in English 11. Its my favorite subject! I am a mom of two boys, Steven 22, just finishing UC Davis, and Jon, 28, who is a lawyer in Santa Clara. My husband Karl is retired, so he is the house husband in the family. My dog Murphy is the object of my affection these days, and I'll be bringing her to meet you now and then. My hobbies include gardening, needlepoint, reading a lot, drawing, traveling the world, and working on my novel. I plan to be a full time writer when I retire in a few years! Let me know what you think of the course and feel free to make suggestions any time. I really like your input!

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Before my facelift :)

Also...before I colored my hair! :)

Tutoring hours: Any day from 3:00-3:30, my room R10
Text phone number: 698-6077 - please leave text message here
Classroom  Phone Number: x8148 - please do not leave messages
Favorite Color: hot pink; black; bright blue

E-mail address: