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Crucible characters

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The Crucible

(Meaning:  A Severe Test)


Name                                                  General Description

Rev. Parris

Overzealous minister – incites congregation against witchcraft

Betty Parris

Ten year old daughter – aligns herself with Abigail Williams in attempt to avoid her father’s anger


Parris’ African-Caribbean slave who brings with her a belief in “spirits” and voodoo practices

Abigail Williams

Parris’ seventeen-year-old niece, leader of children who accuse others of witchcraft

Susanna Walcott

Another of children and friend of Abigail’s – participates in accusations

Thomas Putnam

Vengeful and greedy man – uses the witch hunt to obtain land and property

Mrs. Ann Putnam

Wife who charges another woman of using witchcraft against her seven infant children, all of whom died.

Mercy Lewis

Another of Abigail’s friends and pretender

Mary Warren

Girl who works for John & Elizabeth Proctor

John Proctor

Opponent of Mr. Parris’ excessive spending and methods of ministering to the people

Elizabeth Proctor

John’s wife – must live with the knowledge that her husband committed adultery with Abigail Williams

Giles Corey

Old man of the village – refused to cooperate with the court

Rev. John Hale

Minister who first starts the investigations – later realizes children are lying

Francis Nurse

Highly respected community leader – tries to stop investigations

Rebecca Nurse

Good and respected woman of community – also accused of being a witch

Ezekiel Cheever

Appointee of the court ordered to arrest the accused

Marshal Herrick

Cheever’s superior

Judge Hathorne

Judge from Salem – presides over hearings – true ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne - (w) was added in later years to the family name

Deputy Gov. Danforth

High court judge – intent upon removing all witches – refuses to reverse decisions


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