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Patterns of Development Schedule, Term 2
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Due in class

In-class Activity

Project Introduction

Mon. Oct. 26

Notes, Questions

Piece #1

Thurs. Oct. 29

Small group reading/comments

Piece #2

Mon. Nov. 2

Choose one from two aloud

Piece #3

Wed. Nov. 4

Small group reading/comments

Piece #4

Fri. Nov. 6

Choose one from four aloud

Piece #5

Mon. Nov. 9

Small group reading/comments

Piece #6

Thurs. Nov. 12

Choose one from six aloud

Piece #7

Mon. Nov. 16

Small group reading/comments

Selected Piece

Wed. Nov. 18

Revision Workshop

Selected Piece

Fri. Nov. 20

Editing Workshop

Two part folder: left side contains all one-draft copies; right side contains selected piece with final draft on top; MLA format

Mon. Nov. 23

Turn-in day

If a handout is available online (e.g., a newspaper article) I might include the appropriate link to the information students need on this page.