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Ripped From Your Papers #2

Note: Pronouns must agree with their antecedents.


1.             It is also the student themselves are responsible of their own grade and they have their own choice of whether to raise their grade or leave it.


2.             No greater feeling can match that of giving to someone in need and seeing the satisfaction in their eyes when they realize they will not go hungry or cold.


3.             For those who slave away on their homework, the willingness to work in an extra activity is very little because they focus so much time on finishing their homework.


4.             Incentives should be offered in exchange for charity donations because it educates Americans on worldwide issues and encourages students to do well in school while similarly benefiting charities.


5.             Although, for one to participate they must pay an entrance fee of $20, but in return a student can raise their grade by 10%.


Now...go to your Cohen essay and repair your pronoun/antecedent mistakes. Thank you!



If a handout is available online (e.g., a newspaper article) I might include the appropriate link to the information students need on this page.