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Follow this guide for your classroom presentation



 See Glossary Schedules Page for Websites


1.    Type your notes in 16 font – if you want me to make an overhead, give me your paper at least 1 day in advance of the presentation.


2. If you wish to make a Powerpoint slide or two, then put it on a thumb drive and we can project it from my laptop.


3.  For each term, go online and find another clarifying definition and a literary or rhetorical example.


o   Avoid Wikipedia or suspicious .com sites with a great deal of advertising – the information is false and changeable!

o   Use an authoritative source – .edu is always the best, but you may use your judgment.

o   I suggest is using the Silva Rhetorica website.

  You will find many rhetorical terms defined with examples on this site.


4.  Be sure to provide the web source – otherwise you are plagiarizing.

5.   If you are already given a literary example, look up   another one. 

6.   Be prepared to share your information and examples on the date due.

7.  There will be a matching test on the Glossary words.

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